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John Florence Limited   is a specialised Paediatric and Young Adult Orthotic Supply and Manufacturing Company. The company began in 1963 and was based in Chiswick, West London, where the original entrepreneur founder, John Florence, realised the need for specialist bespoke orthoses for children, and began offering fast supply, close fitting and specifically designed orthoses for children with a wide range of disabilities.

Paediatric clinics were soon established in many NHS hospitals, and John working with paediatric physiotherapists and specialist consultants soon had a number of regular multi-disciplinary and prestigious clinics including, the Westminster Children's Hospital, Queen Mary's Roehampton, St. Mary's Paddington, and Guy's Hospital to name just a few.

The manufacture of high quality, lightweight, cosmetic, innovative and well-engineered orthoses were primary objectives and these qualities, along with 'prompt service' 'get it right, first time' and 'fit for purpose' policies soon became and now remain, the company's standard philosophy.



In 1975 the company moved to the grounds of the internationally recognised Chailey Heritage Craft School and Hospital in Sussex. Chailey was itself a specialist children's centre caring for children and treating such complex disabilities as Thalidomide, Spina-Bifida, Arthrogryposis, Polio and Cerebral Palsy. It was in this environment that the company expanded its already growing clinic, manufacturing, knowledge and skill base and also began to provide uniquely designed specialised lightweight plastic orthoses to a range of neuropathies such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The expertise, skills and available knowledge continues to provide many specialist children's centres at a number of NHS trusts in London and the South East areas, with an unrivalled quality orientated operation.


Today, the company still practises its original philosophy at its purpose built Paediatric Orthotic Centre in Lewes, Sussex, where a friendly personal service is offered by a fully trained team of staff consisting of six orthotists, fifteen full time technicians and  four administrative staff. John Florence Limited is immensely proud of having won an uninterrupted national NHS Orthotics contract for the past 45 years, and for consistently operating a first class service, with certification to a nationally recognised quality standard to many NHS facilities/clinics throughout the South East.


At the Paediatric Orthotic Centre there is extensive on-site clinic and manufacturing facilities, where patients can visit us for measuring, casting, repairs, adaptations and supply. A 'while you wait' service is also available and often taken advantage of by many of our NHS customers and private clients/patients alike. This facility is a modern approach to orthotics, which many of our patients and indeed "mums and dads" find extremely helpful, practical and efficient and where complete orthoses can be supplied from measuring to final fit within a 24 hour period and repairs and adaptations are often able to be completed immediately.


We have now been serving many of our customer's clinics for twenty-five years without interruption, which in today's competitive environment is proof that the company's philosophy works. The company is very proud that it's approach to the field of paediatric orthotics is both unique and successful. We further believe, that should a potential/prospective customer or patient experience the John Florence Limited philosophy, then they may believe it too.

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