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John Florence Limited
Paediatric Orthotic Centre
Foundry Lane
East Sussex

Registered in England No.1020983
V.A.T. Registered No.222 835085

Who is John Florence?

John Florence
In 1963 starting his own business, John unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit and measured, manufactured and fitted his own orthoses,

He had a soft spot for children and was frustrated with existing appliances and changed this overnight by using lighter alloys and coloured materials.

He also initiated his ‘one or two week’ supply philosophy.

John started the stock footwear revolution, making bootees which could be easily adapted, negating the usual four week wait for footwear. TLSHpKAFO’s were supplied within seven days.

In the 1970’s, he was among the first to utilize the plastics revolution launching brilliant designs, making AFO’s, KAFO’s, TLSO’s, and his own unique style Extension Prostheses.

John also designed polypropylene KAFO’s for children.

The design included a fixed moulded knee section to control knee flexion contractures which revolutionized DMD/ SMA orthotic treatments.

His TLSO’s became among the best in paediatric provision, and began the ‘casting supine’ method with his simply designed, portable casting frame.

He was also a popular lecturer and helped with organizing events for the continued education of others, becoming

vice chairman of ISPO (International Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists).

From 1984-1996 he became involved with charities. Morocco became a birthplace for a revolution in orthotics, as did Afghanistan.

Retired in 1997, the measure of John’s achievements must include the legacy that he leaves. The John Florence Paediatric Orthotic Centre still provides his philosophy of ‘quality orientated’, ‘prompt supply’, ‘get it right-first time’ and ‘fit for purpose strategies’, and so continues his lifelong achievement for providing the best paediatric orthotic care available.

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